Name your role

We generally have a clear idea of who we want. However, if you strongly believe that we're missing out on someone we might need, let us know. Bonus points if you're that someone. It doesn't matter if you're still in school or have already held C-suite positions.

✍️ Write to us

We are committed to assembling an unrivalled team of builders, artists, technologists, and adventurers who aim to create a new way to explore the world. As an early crew member, you'll have enormous impact on both our product and company culture.

Forward your LinkedIn, CV, personal portfolio, Devfolio profile, GitHub profile, Notion portfolio or anything that you think might help your application to join@fold.money (with your proposed role as the subject), with a description of your proposed role. If you want to stand out, include the answer to one of these questions:

  • Whats your biggest accomplishment?
  • If we gave you $10K what would you do with it?
  • What popular opinion do you agree with?
  • Whats your favourite space on the internet?