Policy Review, Updates & Applicability

  1. This Privacy Policy applies to Personal Information (which includes any information/ documents/ details that relates to a natural or a legal person, which either directly or indirectly in combination with other information available with Fold, can identify such person) and such other information as mentioned in ‘Information Collected’ section of this Privacy Policy.
  2. This Privacy Policy is intended to govern the use of Fold Services by our Customers (including, without limitation those who use the Fold Services in the course of their trade or business) unless otherwise agreed through contract.
  3. We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time by posting a revised version on our Platform. The revised version will be effective as of the published effective date. In addition, we will provide you with prior notice of changes to this Privacy Policy where required by applicable laws. Upon completion of the aforesaid notice period, you a Customer will be deemed to have expressly consented to all amendments to this Privacy Policy.