iOS Release Notes

iOS Release Notes

v1.7.1 - @September 23, 2023

Today we’re releasing the following enhancements and bug fixes to Fold:

  • Most used tags: In the Tag transaction sheet, we show your most frequently used tags at the top for quick tagging.
  • Revamped and improved transaction and tag search.
  • When editing transactions in bulk, you can now select up to 200 transactions at once.
  • Transaction detail view now shows your account’s nickname when available in place of the bank account number.
  • When you connect a new bank account, we will display a message if certain banks affect features like auto-tagging.
  • Fixes and optimisations for iOS 17.

v1.7.0 - @September 14, 2023

With this update, we’re bringing a powerful new way for you to find just the transactions you’re looking for - Transaction Filters. Whether you’re keeping a tab on the expenses you made in your last vacation or checking all the interest your savings account accumulated in the current financial year, filters can help you easily find relevant transactions. You can filter your transactions based on these filters: Banks, Type (Incoming, or Outgoing transaction), Tags & Icon, and Date range.

Head over to the Transactions tab and tap the filter button to try it out!

We’ve also made the following bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Fixed a bug which prevented a previously pinned group from getting unpinned when restored from the Archive.
  • Updated the global error view to gracefully handle any unexpected downtime.
  • Some visual enhancements & copy fixes.

v1.6.2 - @September 5, 2023

Fix an issue with Face ID not unlocking the app.

v1.6.1 - @September 5, 2023

We are doing away with all the hand gymnastics that was previously required to select multiple transactions. Now swipe once to start selecting multiple transactions and then simply tap on the other transactions to select them. We have also added a tap and hold action when in selection mode to help you take a peek at your narration details.

This release also contains the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Fake data mode now resets when the app is relaunched to help you avoid existential questions about your balance when you open the app after a while.
  • Fixed an issue with the total balance graph crashing on the 6M tab for some SBI users.
  • Fixed an issue with the tag transaction sheet not dismissing from the Spending Summary view.
  • Some copy changes and under the hood improvements.

v1.6.0 - @August 28, 2023

With our latest update, we're introducing a game-changing feature – the ability to link bank accounts to phone numbers beyond your own. Let's explore the exciting possibilities:

  1. Reclaiming Forgotten Resources: Have an old personal account linked to a now rarely used phone number? Our update lets you connect that forgotten bank account to your Fold account, giving new life to dormant assets.
  2. Simplified Shared Expenses: Picture this: You and your partner or flatmates share expenses regularly. Now, you can connect the dedicated bank account used for shared costs, allowing everyone to effortlessly monitor and manage joint finances in one central location.
  3. Caring for Dependents: If you're responsible for dependents like parents or younger siblings, keeping track of their finances just got easier. No more uncomfortable requests for updates – a quick glance at your Fold home page reveals if they need additional funds.

These are just a few examples of how our update empowers you to revolutionize your financial interactions. To get started, navigate to the 'You' tab, then 'Bank accounts', and simply tap the 'Add' button at the upper right corner.

That's not all – our update also includes these exciting additions:

  • Personalized Bank Account Nicknames: Now you can add nicknames to your bank accounts, making them more identifiable and tailored to your preferences.
  • Passive Tracking: If you have accounts that you no longer actively use, you have the option to track them passively. These accounts won't impact your cash flow calculations, and their transactions won't clutter your main transactions list.

We’ve also made the following bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Fixed a case where swiping up on the Add account number sheet would break the UI.
  • On iOS 17, fixed an issue with the Add account number sheet constantly getting dismissed.
  • The bulk transactions update sheet previously didn’t dismiss if you were routed to a different view from a notification. This has now been fixed.
  • Improvements to prevent a layout shift issue in Your details view.

v1.5.4 - @August 18, 2023

When “Unlock with Face ID” is enabled, the app now locks as soon as it is in the background and blurs the content in the app switcher.

This update also includes other internal fixes and improvements.

v1.5.3 - @August 12, 2023

Prior to this update, when you created a new payor/payee for a transaction, it seemed to vanish into the ether, only momentarily visible in the Recents list before being pushed out from even there. This created a rather poor user experience, something not in line with Fold's usual standards.

In this update, you'll notice a new row called Contacts within the You Tab. Contacts store your custom-created Payors, Payees, and all the associated transactions. Contacts can have a UPI ID, phone number, and a type (Friend, Merchant, Colleague, Family, or Relative). This marks a small step towards making Fold more social and connected with the people who matter to you. We hope you’ll love our new update!

v1.5.2 - @August 1, 2023

  • Prevent network error view from blocking the app if something goes wrong while authenticating with the server.
  • New UPI Lite tag.

v1.5.1 - @July 28, 2023

This release contains the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • New Cash Flow widget setting - You can now customize the order of "Incoming", "Outgoing", "Invested", and "Left" parameters.
  • Previously in Transaction Groups, the “All time” year filter didn’t work when applied along with a chosen Month. This issue has now been resolved.
  • Fixed a gesture issue which sometimes prevented the Tag transaction action in Cash Flow and Untagged transactions list.
  • Fixed a case where cancelling a transaction search didn’t work and it persistently displayed the loading state.
  • Resolved occasional crashes that occurred because of the system appearance setting.
  • Instead of a blank screen, we now show an error message when connecting to a bank account fails due to an unexpected reason.
  • Fixed the filter icon in Cash Flow transactions list.

v1.5.0 - @July 19, 2023

You have tagged your transactions, you have enjoyed adding meticulously crafted icons to them, you have added notes and merchants, many of you have also added receipts. Today, we take another Big step towards transaction organisation and tracking – introducing Transaction Groups.

Group related transactions together regardless of tags. Going on a trip? create a group! Want to track spendings on junk food, create a group. Wish to curb your spendings on outfits, create a group! Ever wanted to track money you have loaned and received back from someone? Create a new group! The possibilities are endless.

Transaction Groups have stolen much of the spotlight in this update, but here are other enhancements and fixes we’re shipping with this release:

  1. We have added tap and hold actions to transactions and groups, giving quick access to commonly used actions.
  2. We fixed occasional app logout issues.
  3. We improved the Bank Account Card to display only relevant information.
  4. We fixed a spacing issue that occurred when a text field in the bottom sheet came into focus.
  5. We fixed the calculation of the left to spend amount in notifications when the account-in date is changed.
  6. New Recurring Deposit tag.

v1.4.14 - @July 15, 2023

New Refundable transactions!

Whenever you’re expecting a refund for your online spends on Amazon, Swiggy, etc., you can use the new Refundable toggle to get notified of whenever it arrives. Once the refund is settled, we will also automatically exclude the transaction from your Cash Flow.

We’ve also made some bug fixes and improvements:

  • New Tiffin and Cook tags.
  • Fixed an issue where Change with System appearance setting didn’t work when the app was relaunched.
  • Prevent incoming transactions from showing up in the Spending Summary transactions list.
  • Untagged transactions detail view in Spending Summary previously displayed incorrect total count in the navbar. This issue has now been fixed.

v1.4.13 - @July 6, 2023

  • With the new “Change with system” appearance setting, you can now choose to automatically switch between Light and Dark theme based on your system settings.
  • Improved the loading state to prevent a layout shift issue in the Bank Accounts list.

v1.4.12 - @July 2, 2023

This release contains a few bug fixes and improvements:

  • Receipts can now be saved to Photos from the Share Sheet.
  • Improved illustrations in the Black theme.
  • Fixed an issue where the swipe to go back gesture sometimes didn’t work in the Bank Accounts list.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Share as PDF and Share as Text options from being shown when sharing Bank account details.
  • Resolved a crash that occurred when deleting the account from Settings.
  • Tapping on the merchant name in transaction cells now correctly opens the transaction detail view.
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused the data refreshes to fail.
  • New Hygiene, Income Tax, GST, and Property Tax tags!

v1.4.11 - @June 27, 2023

What’s new

From the very first day our goal has been to enable you to add details to your transactions without friction, today we’re making it even more frictionless by allowing you to add and edit merchants from the Tag transaction screen itself!

Talking about adding information to transactions, you can also now attach receipts, look for the Add Receipt button in notes.

We know you would love customising how Fold looks and feels, so with this version, we're bringing a new theme and six app icons to choose from.

Furthermore, on the topic of customisation, you can now change the order of widgets on your Fold home screen.

Some other nice things and a few fixes we made for you:

  • We now give you more information on why bank account discovery could have failed.
  • We’ve improved the reliability of the recent merchants list.
  • We went ahead & fixed the rendering of icons for external merchants.
  • We also fixed an issue when trying to connect to a bank that is not responding.
  • Quite subtle, but we’ve also fixed the presentation of dialog boxes shown in the app.

v1.4.10 - @June 20, 2023

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Added an explainer sheet in the transaction details page for banks that do not provide the correct transaction time.
  • Fixed an issue where your salary or earnings would not reflect in the month you wanted it to account in.
  • Fixed an occasional issue that caused a glitch in the transaction tag animation.

v1.4.9 - @June 19, 2023

What’s new

First with the important thing: You can now mask your balance even when you have a single account connected. Look out for the eye icon near your balance in the widget.

If your Cash Flow has remained broken because your payday was a month early or late, you can now change the month your transactions tagged Salary and Earning gets accounted in to. This is huge.

Editing merchants is getting a big update:

  1. You can now see recent merchants and a list of generic merchants when you decide to add a merchant to a transaction.
  2. Merchant addition and editing is now a bulk action too, swipe, select and add!
  3. This too, is huge.

Tagging transactions now has a sweet little accompanying animation, if you read this and noticed the animation tweet our devs an appreciation tweet.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • New filters in the cashflow transactions list allow you to look at other month transactions without switching screens.
  • Fixed an issue where the total balance in the details page did not match with the total balance on the widget.
  • Fixed the merchant icon representation for transactions in dark mode.
  • Fixed the left to spend amount in the refresh push notification.

v1.4.8 - @June 12, 2023

What’s new

We are bringing two new features to the Total Balance Widget that you’re going to love!

  1. Worried that the Total Balance font is a little too bold and sassy, ready to spill your financial secrets to nosy onlookers? Now you can hide it with a simple toggle by editing the widget.
  2. The Total Balance graph now shows historical data you can play with and analyse to your heart’s content. Pinch and zoom and unravel the mysteries of your past financial triumphs and tribulations. Choose from Month, 6 Months, Year or All time. Be ready to go full-time-traveler mode.

No need to jump out of your couch or anything, but tagging transactions as Self-transfer will now automatically exclude them from Cash-Flow. That’s full two taps we’re going to save you!

Below are some bug-fixes and improvements we’re delivering you along with the above major updates:

  • If fetching data from a bank fails during the initial onboarding, you can now retry the process again without having to delete your account.
  • Fixed an issue where Self-transfer transactions wouldn't update the merchant to "Yourself" immediately.
  • Fixed a visual bug with the placeholder in the transaction detail view while adding notes.
  • Improved the untagged list in Spending Summary to show only outgoing transactions.
  • Increased the tap area in info views to make it easier to dismiss.
  • Fixed an issue where some unsupported FD and RD accounts were inadvertently showing up during bank accounts discovery.

v1.4.7 - @June 2, 2023

What’s new

New bulk actions - When you swipe right to edit transactions in bulk from the Transactions tab, you’ll now see two new actions: “Remove tag from all”, and “Exclude from Cash Flow”. More actions coming soon!

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Data Pulls sheet now displays the account number, allowing you to differentiate between multiple accounts from the same bank.
  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate banks to appear in the list of known issues.
  • Fixed an issue with the graph in the Spending Summary widget not displaying data from all connected bank accounts.
  • In the Tag transaction view, “Remove tag” button is no longer shown at the end of search results to prevent you from accidentally removing a tag.
  • Toasts with an "Undo" button now stay on the screen longer.
  • Improved the loading state to prevent a layout shift issue in the Home tab.
  • Fixed the unnecessary reloading of the Bank Accounts list when dismissing the bank picker while adding a new account.
  • In the Bank Accounts list, we now display an "Add" button next to your connected bank account, making it easier for you to enter your complete account number.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the scroll-to-top gesture to add extra spacing to the navbar.
  • Tutorial sheets no longer close on tapping outside the content view to prevent accidental dismissals.
  • Sometimes there would be a discrepancy between the specified "Next refresh" time and when the actual refresh occurred. We have now resolved this inconsistency.
  • Improved notifications so that you’re up to date whenever a data refresh happens or as soon as a new bank is supported on Fold.
  • We've made it easier for you to leave a review for us on the App Store. Simply go to "You > Settings" and tap on "Rate us on the App Store”.
  • Fold is now available to download in US/UK and Canada.

v1.4.6 - @May 10, 2023

What’s new

Tag Similar Transactions - All of us have those few transactions that come up ever so often - be it that chai you have every evening or the vegetables you buy from your local vendor (good for you if you are buying a lot of veggies). Pick a tag for just one of these and we will do the hard work of fetching all your similar transactions so that you can tag them all with a single tap.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Bulk tagging of transactions now works from the untagged transactions and cash flow transactions list.
  • UI polishes and enhancements to the category picker page.
  • Fixed a few issues with linking of bank accounts to make it more reliable.
  • Your phone number is now masked on the welcome screen so that you can safely share screenshots of your Fold welcome experience with everyone.

v1.4.5 - @May 3, 2023

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Critical fixes to the bank account linking flow.

v1.4.4 - @May 3, 2023

What’s new

Introducing bulk tagging - Thanks to Tinder for not copyrighting swipe right, because we’re using it to let you select multiple transactions. You can now swipe right and select multiple transactions from the transactions tab and tag them all at once. More bulk actions coming soon!

New tags! - Here are all of them in one breath - Donation Lent Services Legal Courier Xerox Painting Plumber Mechanic anddd DTH. We listen to all the requests for new icons, keep ‘em coming!

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the app to crash for some users after connecting their bank accounts.
  • Fixed an issue with some sheets not getting dismissed when tapped outside the content area.
  • Fixed an issue where UPI transactions done via CRED were wrongly getting tagged as credit bill.
  • Improved the touch area of the cancel button in search fields.
  • UI polishes for users with a single bank account.

v1.4.3 - @April 22, 2023

What’s new

This update contains critical bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some users from discovering and connecting their bank accounts.
  • Fixed an issue with notifications not appearing for some users.
  • Some under the hood enhancements to improve the overall app experience.

v1.4.2 - @April 16, 2023

What’s new

  • Re-introducing investments: We took away investments from the Cash Flow graph to simplify it, but everyone really missed it, so we have brought it back!
  • New chart tool: The Cash Flow Graph Chart Tools sheet now features a new toggle that enables you to combine outgoing and invested amounts into a single graph.
  • Updating your email: You can now update your email from Settings → Your details.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a problem with tag search that was causing some icons to not show up in the list after clearing the search results.
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect account number was shown in the Transaction detail view.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Tag transaction sheet in the Spending Summary widget from dismissing on tap of the Cancel button.
  • In the transactions list, recent transactions will now show “Today” or “Yesterday” instead of the exact date for improved readability.
  • Improved the copy when connecting a new bank account to Fold. We now mention that it is okay to quit the app as we continue fetching data in the background.
  • Fixed an issue with New invites received notification not redirecting to the Invite codes view when tapped.
  • Fixed a bug with the Total Balance graph sometimes clipping at the top.
  • Fixed an issue where the Clear icon in text field was overlapping the input text.
  • Fixed UI issues in the Spending Summary filters.
  • We have added more context to bank account details in “You” tab for clarity on the latest status of the banks.
  • When tagging a transaction as “Self Transfer”, we now automatically add “Yourself” as the merchant.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Travel tag from showing up in the Spending Summary detail view.
  • Fixed a bug where no spendings in a custom Tag would cause the entire Spending Summary widget to not load.

Team is currently working on two most requested features - bulk and similar transactions tagging. Can’t wait to share it with everyone :)

v1.4.1 - @April 1, 2023

What’s new

Widgets Onboarding: Added a screen explaining widgets during onboarding, and tutorials for features at other places. Bank Account Details: Sometimes you want to hide a bank but still want to see its balance. We are now showing the current balance for hidden accounts in the “You” tab.

Bugs fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue with fake data mode that was affecting the Spending Summary and Cash Flow widgets. Now, it works smoothly throughout the app.
  • Improved gesture recognition to make it easier to flick and switch between tabs in the filter sheet.
  • Fixed an issue with loading previous year's graph data in the Tag detail view.
  • Added tap and highlight states to Transaction cells, Tip cards, and Menu rows in the You tab.
  • Fixed a bug where removing Tag icon wasn’t working properly.

We are sharing bulk invites every week, so keep an eye on your email for invites if you're on the waitlist. We are also listening to your feedback on our Discord server and you should see some of those changes in upcoming releases.

v1.4.0 - @March 25, 2023

What’s new

Spending Summary Widget - Most requested, and (arguably) the most useful widget. Spending Summary widget gives you a reason to tag transactions. See the exact amount and percentage of total spending on each tag. Filter, sort and analyse historical expenses on each tag with the help of graphs.

Cash Flow Revamp - We have rebuilt the Cash Flow widget from scratch. It now has a tactile & insightful graph. You have to use it yourself to feel the difference. Along with monthly cash flow you can now also see an annual view. This widget has used up most of our engineering and design time, which is to say, has the most amount of care put into it.

Category + Icon Search - We have improved tag search, added new icons, streamlined categories, and renamed a few for clarity.

UPI App Link - Transactions done using UPI now have a link to the UPI app in transaction’s detail view. This should help in scenarios when you’re tagging a transaction and can’t recall where you spent the money. We currently support PhonePe and will be adding more UPI apps.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • App load times have decreased significantly.
  • SWIFT BIC codes are now available in the bank account details.
  • Updated the formatting of the currency in some places.
  • You can now update your name and email from “You > Your details”.
  • There’s a now a link to release notes (like the one you’re reading right now) at the bottom of “You > Settings”.
  • Account deletion from Settings now requires an OTP.

Every nook and cranny of the app has undergone some level of change, these changes are either too small to describe or too subtle to notice. But put together these little improvements have made the app experience astronomically better. All of us at Fold are very proud of this release.

v1.3.1 - @March 3, 2023

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Previously in merchant search, any merchant you created could have the same name as an merchant suggested by Fold. This would sometimes cause duplicate merchants to appear in the search results. We now hide the "Create New" merchant button in relevant cases to prevent such issues.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a tagged transaction to show up in untagged transactions list after updating the merchant.

v1.3.0 - @March 1, 2023

What’s new

Search and update merchants in your transactions

While our F1 engine can figure out and add merchants, or payee/payor itself to your transactions, sometimes it leaves it to default merchant and it was painful to look at all the transactions with just merchant - No more! Now you can add or update merchants yourself wherever required.

  • Open a transaction and add or update the merchant name. Just start typing and you should see the merchants you are looking for.
  • While searching for merchants you will also see some generic merchants like “Autorickshaw”, or “Fruit Seller” which can be used to club similar transactions under one merchant. Start using these and see how my times you have paid your Rapido driver in cash via UPI, or to see if you need buy fruits more often.
  • And lastly, If you don’t find desired result (sorry your friend Chintu is not in our list 😕) you can just add them by a single tap and they should start showing up from next time!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug with full name field which caused it to incorrectly separate first and last name.
  • Fixed an issue with local cache which prevented category icons from getting updated.
  • Improved alignment and fixed spacing inconsistencies in the transaction detail view.
  • Eliminated a jank which occurred when tabs were switched.
  • Improved searching for transactions with different intents and duration. Now you can search things like “untagged” transactions, make typos, and use queries like “more than 1k in last 3 months”, “Received this month” etc.
  • Added transaction summary for all the transactions. This should help you in understanding transaction better.
  • Search summary in transactions search is now shown for most of the queries.

PS: Two very talented iOS engineers have joined our team. This means you will see more frequent changes, improvements and new features 🚀

v1.2.1 - @February 19, 2023

What’s new

  • New search summary: You can now see a granular search summary. For eg, just type Swiggy to see a detailed search summary for this month/year/all time.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved connection stability when linking new bank accounts to Fold.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the “All transactions tagged” empty state from showing up after tagging all transactions in the Untagged Transactions view.
  • Fixed incorrect monthly transaction counts in the Untagged Transactions view.
  • Eliminated a transition lag that occurred after clearing the search term.
  • Fixed spacing inconsistencies in the navigation bar.
  • Improved how the OTP input field clears text to make the behaviour feel more natural.
  • Added highlighted state and new icon to the Tag button in the Transaction cell.

v1.1.8 - @February 8, 2023

What’s new

  • Remove Tag from transactions: Ever added a wrong tag or not sure about one? No problem! Just open the Tag panel, scroll to the bottom, and remove it. And don’t worry, you can find all of your untagged transactions in the “You” tab and tag them again.
  • Disconnect Bank: You can now disconnect any bank account that you feel is not helping you manage your finances. Head over to the You tab to manage or disconnect your bank accounts.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • A new ‘Parking’ icon has been added to the list of tags. More icons will be added in follow up.
  • Replaced “+” button in transactions view with “Tag” button for more clarity.
  • The issue of transactions not being listed in the correct order in the untagged transactions list has been fixed.
  • The tagged transactions donut graph will now update after tagging a transaction.
  • The Before Fold account separator card has been removed in cases where no untagged transactions exist.
  • Visual improvements have been made to the tagged transactions summary view.
  • Linking new bank accounts to Fold has been improved.
  • A bug that caused a loading spinner to show up incorrectly in the consent detail view has been fixed.
  • On iOS 16.0, a crash that occurred when viewing the transaction details has been fixed.