Tag your Transactions

How and why you should tag your transactions.
  • Transactions are the atomic unit of your financial life. It’s by looking at a group of transactions we can confidently judge our finances. Therefore, the more metadata each single transaction holds, the better it serves for analysis, search and recall.
  • Tagging a transactions is one such way of quickly adding metadata.Tagging a transactions is one such way of quickly adding metadata.
  • To tag a transaction simply tap on the + icon in a transaction card when it’s in a list, or to edit a tag tap on the tag name.
  • Each tag describes the category on which a particular expense was done, each tag also has a set of accompanying icons to add an extra layer of detail. If you find no appropriate icon for your expense, you can choose “No Icon” or request one from our team.
  • A widget visualising your expenses according to Tags is in development and will be added in an upcoming version of Fold.