Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Installing Fold & Basic

How are you connecting to my bank account and accessing my banking data?
We have partnered with RBI-regulated Account Aggregator, Finvu to access to your financial data. Account aggregators are RBI-regulated companies that have been permitted to allow users to share their financial information in a secure and easy manner. This can include bank accounts, investment accounts, and more. We are very excited about the future of AA and all the new features that it will allow us to bring to you. You can read more about AA here.
Are all bank accounts supported? I am unable to connect my bank account.
These banks are supported and are live on Fold. If your bank is not covered in this list, you will not be able to use Fold. You can check here for list of upcoming banks. Your bank may not have integrated with Account Aggregator, or their integration has performance issues. We test each bank before enabling it on Fold so you have a smooth experience. We only support individual savings bank accounts. We will support other types such as joint and current accounts, once banks start supporting them.
Can I download Fold as an NRI? If yes, from which regions?
Fold can be downloaded from the following countries - India, USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, Canada, Denmark. Note - Fold only supports Indian bank accounts and requires an Indian mobile number to create an account.
Is Fold going to be free forever?
We will be introducing paid subscription plans for additional features in the future.

2. Supported Banks & Data Sources

I can’t see my joint account while discovering bank accounts.
We only support individual savings bank accounts. We will support other types such as joint and current accounts, once banks start supporting them.
Does Fold only supports Indian banks or any other foreign banks as well?
We only support accounts with Indian banks at the moment. Please check out our list of supported banks and account types.
Fold has plans to add different types of investment tracking? Like Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits etc.
As of @February 20, 2024 users can link their demat accounts and credit cards in addition to their bank accounts. With future updates users will be able to link their Insurance Policies, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits on Fold.
Does Fold support tracking credit card transactions? Can I connect my credit cards on Fold?
We have added support for tracking credit card transactions. You can enable it by going to You → Settings → Beta Playground → Turn on ‘Credit Card Testing’. Please note that we only support the following credit cards.
Do Fold support export of financial data from Fold in a Excel, PDF or CSV?
You can download and export your data via the Fold’s Web app. We support CSV at the moment and will be adding PDF/Excel support soon. Check it out at
My bank account is not supported by Fold? When will Fold add support for my bank?
Not all banks have enabled sharing of financial information, you can check the list of live banks here . We will support more banks as time progresses, you can see the list of upcoming banks here.

3. Features

How do we tag and perform bulk actions on multiple transactions at once?
  1. To start selecting multiple transactions, swipe right on any transaction.
  2. The swiped transaction will be selected and all other transactions will show an empty circle to indicate that they can be selected
  3. You can simply tap on the transaction to select it. If you are unsure about the transaction and want to know more, tap and hold to get a preview of the transaction details
  4. Once you have selected your desired transactions, swipe up on the bottom sheet
  5. The bottom sheet will contain a summary of the count of total transactions selected (max 200 selections allowed) and the sum of their amounts. It also contains the various actions you can take on the transactions at once.
  6. Tap on your desired action or choose the “Deselect all” option to exit multi-select mode.
How do I link more bank accounts, credit cards or investment accounts?
From the home screen, tap on You > Tap on Bank accounts/Credit Cards/ Investment accounts > Plus icon top right.
Why are some features missing from Android whereas it's available on iOS and Web and vice versa?
We are a small team at the moment. Our iOS app have head start of few months. Down the line both iOS and Android will have same features, and any features launched on iOS will come to android in few weeks.
Can I add my family members accounts and track them?
Yes, you can use the multi phone number feature to track family members account (with their consent).
Can I add the Lock to the Fold app and keep it safe from others access?
You can enable Biometric Lock/Face ID and other security measures implemented by Android/iOS. To lock your app, tap on You tab and turn on Unlock with Face ID/Unlock with Biometric setting.
How can I update my email or mobile linked to my Fold Account?
Once you have created an account on Fold, you cannot change your mobile number. To update your email go to You → Settings → Your Details → Tap on Icon next to your email to update it.
Do Fold support any integrations with other 3rd party apps like Splitwise etc?
We have not added support for integrating any other 3rd party apps. If you have any suggestions or would like to request an integration, please write to us.
Do Fold support importing existing financial data (CSV, PDF files)?
No. If you have any suggestions, please write to us.

4. Credit Card Tracking

Are all credit cards supported and tracked on Fold?

We only support the following credit cards issued by HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI Cards and Axis Bank. The list of supported credit cards is constantly growing. If you would like to request support for a card, please fill this form.

How do you fetch my credit card related data and is it secure?

Unfortunately, credit card data is not part of the Account Aggregator framework, therefore, to enable tracking of credit cards, we have developed email based solution.

When you connect your Gmail account to Fold, only your transaction emails for the credit cards are processed locally on-device, from there, data from transaction emails like amount, merchant, and time is sent to our servers for storage and enrichment. Our servers don’t get a whiff of any other emails in your inbox.

My card is not supported? When will you add support for more cards?

We will be adding support for more issuers such as Federal Bank, IDFC First Bank, Kotak Bank, IndusInd Bank & American Express.

Please note that some issuers (such as OneCard) do not send email alerts for transactions, we will not be able to add support for such cards. If you want to request support for a variant, or would like to be informed when we add support for your card, please fill this form.

Are there any other known issues, are all transactions supported?

Known issues as of @February 19, 2024

Here are some of the known issues in our current Credit Card tracking feature -

  • Works best with iOS 17 or Android 10 and up.
  • EMI transactions are not supported as there are no emails sent for these transactions.
  • Refund/Reversal transactions are not yet supported.
  • Multi-cards (two cards sharing the same credit limit & single monthly statement) are not supported; therefore, they cannot be onboarded. We currently support only one (the primary) card, which means we will sync transactions for the primary card only and update the spent amount accordingly.
  • UPI transactions are only supported for HDFC Bank cards as of now. If your card is a Rupay card, it should work as expected for non-UPI transactions, as long as it’s not an add-on card.
  • If your credit card provider does not send transaction alert emails or emails containing your statement PDFs, we cannot detect them.
  • We use transaction alert emails for real-time transaction tracking. The email must not be deleted until the transaction appears in the Fold app.
  • Transaction emails that are manually forwarded from one account to the target account will not be detected. They must come directly from the bank, or Gmail auto-forwarding needs to be set up.
  • As of now, only Gmail is supported for real-time transaction tracking. We will be adding support for more email providers in the future.
  • During onboarding, you can add only one credit card at a time. Attempting to add multiple credit cards simultaneously may fail.
  • iOS widget is empty. This is an OS level issue and not something we can fix from our end. Try the following steps to fix the issue:
    • Check that you are using the latest iOS version.
    • Check that you are using the latest Fold version.
    • Quit the Fold app via the app switcher, and then relaunch the app.
    • As a last resort, Remove the widgets, Reboot the device. Now add the widgets back.

Upcoming features

  • Manual forwarding setup.
  • Support for add-ons card.
  • UPI transaction support for Axis, SBI, and ICICI Bank.
  • Support for IDFC, Federal, Kotak credit cards and more variants.
If you encounter issues not mentioned above or have feature requests, please reach out to or ping us on Discord.

5. Investments Tracking

How do you fetch my investment data and is it secure?

We use RBI-regulated Account Aggregators to obtain your consent and fetch your data. We don't require any usernames or passwords. You can revoke/disconnect your data at any time from settings inside the Fold app.

Which investments are supported? Can I track my mutual funds also on Fold?

As of @February 15, 2024, we support tracking your equity holdings. Support for tracking Mutual Funds, PPF/EPF, ULIPs, NPS, ETFs, InvITs, REITs, Bonds/Debentures will be added in the future.

Are all demat accounts supported? Why isn't my HUF/joint demat account being discovered?

Make sure your PAN and phone number are linked to your investment. Additionally -

  • You may have bought Mutual Funds but not any stocks yet.
  • Your demat account may be a joint account or belongs to a HUF.
  • If you recently set up your account with your broker, it can take upto a week for your account to be supported.
  • Connection couldn't be established due to technical issues. Please try again in such cases.

If any of the scenarios above does not apply to you, please write to us at

Can I link demat account of my family members to Fold?

You can connect any supported demat account which is linked to the primary mobile number on Fold.

In a future update we will add the ability to connect demat accounts linked to different numbers.

Can I see the stocks I bought from brokers like Zerodha/Groww/Dhan/Upstox etc?

Yes, you should be able to view your investment data as long as your broker is registered with CDSL or NSDL.

When will support for Mutual Funds, PPF/EPF, ULIPs, NPS, ETFs, InvITs, REITs, Bonds/Debentures be available?

We will be adding support for Mutual Funds, PPF/EPF, ULIPs, NPS, ETFs, InvITs, REITs, Bonds/Debentures soon. As of now, you can track all your equity shares.

How frequently is my investment data updated?

We fetch your investment data once a day between 5 PM to 10 PM, except on weekends and holidays.

I bought a stock but it is not visible in Fold.

Investments are not refreshed on weekends and holidays since market remains closed.

We receive the data when your trade is settled, which typically occurs on T+1 (the day after the trade). After the settlement, you should be able to see the data in your next data refresh. For example, if you have bought stocks on Monday before the market closes:

  • The execution will take place on the same day, Monday.
  • The settlement will occur on T+1 basis, here T refers to Monday, on which transaction was done. Therefore, T+1 is Tuesday, and your trade will be settled on Tuesday.
  • The data should be visible with the next refresh on Wednesday.
I can't see my investment amount, gain, and loss details.

We only receive details of your current holdings. We don't receive granular data to determine the cost of acquisition at the moment, but it will be supported in the future.

What is LTP?

Last Trading Price - it is the most recent price at which a stock was traded.

Can I also trade or invest using Fold?

No, we don't support investments or trading at the moment. However, you can track all your investments on Fold.

I would like to request a new feature. How can I share feedback and submit a feature request?

Yes, please send it over -

6. Miscellaneous

Is Fold a free app? Is it going to free forever?
Fold is free during the beta. But it is not going to be free forever, because if a product isn’t taking money from you for the service it provides, it’s taking something else. And on most occasions you don’t know what that “else” is. Our method is as simple as it gets, we’ll take your money and give you a great product, something that’ll provide 100 folds more value than what you pay. We’ll be able to share more on this as we get out of beta, polish and make Fold pay-worthy.
Where can I follow Fold updates & App release notes?
We regularly post updates on our Twitter page. You can see the latest release notes here.
Is there any public roadmap available to check and vote?
You can check the upcoming features here.
Will I need to pay for platform wise or one payment to access my Fold account on all platforms (iOS, Android and Web)?
As of @February 21, 2024, Fold is in Public Beta and is Free to use. However, we are also planning to add monetary subscription to use Fold, as this can help us offset the costs we incur. But that’s too far in the future until we get out of beta and make Fold so good that someone is willing to pay for the value they get out of it. We have not finalised any subscription plans or pricing for Fold. However, we would like to hear your suggestions, please write to us at
Any Payment features are planned to directly add in Fold itself? (Ex: UPI, Wallet)?
We are exploring adding support for payments in future such as UPI and other available options.
Can I export all my data from Fold in a Excel, CSV or other formats?
You can export your data from the Web app at
Where do I report bugs & feedback?
You can join our Discord community here or directly report the bugs and suggestions by writing to us.

7. Privacy & deleting your account

What is my data used for? How long do you store my data?
Your data will only be used to provide you with services on the Fold app. We do not sell/or share your data with any third parties, other than as required to provide you services you consent to. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy.
Can the Account Aggregator view my data? How is my data kept secure?
No, it is not possible for an AA to view Fold’s customer data. Account aggregators are required by RBI to be ‘data blind’, and should be seen as ‘consent managers’. The account aggregators receive an encrypted copy of your financial information by your financial institution, and cannot view your financial information. Once Fold receives your financial data, only Fold can decrypt and use it for our app. This ensures, that your data is kept secure, and cannot be accessed by the account aggregator.
Can I delete all my data?
Yes, tap on You in the navigation bar, then tap on the gear icon to go the Settings and tap on Delete Account to delete of all your data. Note that we will retain certain data which is required to fulfill our legal and contractual obligations. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy.
Why does my balance/transactions do not match with my bank app?
Your financial data is synced twice daily (this may change in the future) to keep track of your transactions, therefore, some transactions may appear on the app after the next daily sync. For example, if you spend INR 100 on Uber at 3 pm, the transaction will be viewable on the app after the next daily refresh. However, some banks share data with a lag of few days. Please see here a list of supported banks and known issues. If your issue is not discussed there, please write to us.
Why are some of my transactions missing?
We get the financial information displayed here from your bank, it is possible that your bank is providing us inaccurate/incomplete information. Please see here a list of supported banks and known issues. If your issue is not discussed there, please write to us.
Can I delete my Fold account or reset all my data and start fresh again with the same Fold account/number?
No. We delete all the data so you will have to create a new account again, and will require a fresh invite code to access the app.
Do I lose all my data if I unlink the bank or uninstall/reset the app?
If you unlink a bank account you will lose the metadata eg tags etc.

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