Upcoming Features

Upcoming Features

Keep your eyes on this space to stay updated with all the new features coming to Fold! You can also request a new feature by writing to us at feedback@fold.money or join our Discord community.

Product features

Some features you can look forward to are -

  • Merchants wise spending summary.
  • Split transactions into multiple categories.
  • Shared transactions groups to manage expenses with friends.
  • Track Mutual funds and SBI.
  • Unified credit card and bank transactions.
  • Add hashtags to notes.
  • Improved transaction search.
  • Home screen widgets on Android.
  • Budgeting.

Fold for Web

  • Export data to PDF/CSV.
  • View credit card/investment data in web app.

Support for More Banks and Account Types

  • We will be adding support for more banks in Fold, as more banks go live on the Account Aggregator ecosystem. See list of Upcoming Banks.
  • We will also add support for joint accounts, and accounts held by non-individuals, as they go live on Account Aggregator ecosystem.
  • You will be able to view your Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit details on our app.

Support for Insurance and other Financial Data

  • We will be adding support for insurance and other financial data such as your income tax returns, pension funds, your equity and mutual fund holdings, your insurance policies.

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